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750 & 330ml Flavours

Old Style Ginger Beer

This is an old traditional F.C. Grubb Recipe brought out from England around 1906.   This Ginger Beer is not a brewed ginger beer, thus has a more mild ginger flavour, not too rich,  just like the good old home made ginger beer.  Hey, but this stuff doesn't blow up in your cellar :-)

Lemon Squash

This Lemon Squash contains 5% real lemon juice and a combination of natural fruit essences.   Formulated as a traditional 'pub squash', this very refreshing, lightly carbonated lemon is not too much gassy, and finnishes with a nice fruity tang. Real Lemon Squash!

Orange Squash

This very refreshing Orange Squash contains 5% orange juice.  Similar to the lemon, uses real fruit juice, and natural fruit emulsions.


Arguably the best available!  Traditional F.C. Grubb recipe using extract from the root of the sarsaparilla plant.  Has a rich aniseed/ licorice flavour which is formulated to please even the most discerning palate.

See if you can find a better one!

Classic Cola

Classic Cola is another traditional line that has a great cola taste with a feisty bite.  This is cola with 'taste'.

Lemon Lime & Bitters

A tangy lemon and lime drink with a dash of bitters makes this very light and refreshing on a hot summers day.


A lovely refreshing drink with a clear, clean lemonade taste


This is  not a sickly sweet lime but more of a  very refreshing flavour based on our Lime Juice Syrup.  It has the tang of lime juice blended with a very crisp lime essence to give a sharp lime taste.


Often described as  tasting like 'port wine jelly', this is a very popular line with the kids, although it's not just a kids drink.  It could also be likened to a raspberry or plum cola type of taste. Very nice!

Cream Soda

Keeping with the traditional amber colour, this cream soda has a real vanilla-caramel flavour, as a proper cream soda should!  (since when has creaming soda supposed to be red?)


A great flavour for the kids, this is a lovely raspberry flavour that has a touch of lemon to give it a fruity finish.

Soda Water

A great mixer made from highly carbonated water.   (Yeah, its 100% fat free as well :-)

Sparkling Honey & Ginger

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