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sars 750ml and 2 litre

Gourmet syrups in 2 litre and 750ml bottles.

Trend Drinks manufacture a great range of Gourmet Cordial syrups.
Made from original family recipes, the F.C.Grubb Old Style Traditional Syrup range are full flavoured and very concentrated.
A mixing ratio of one part syrup to five parts water, soda water of other mixer is suggested.
Very refreshing when served with ice!
Yep, you can use them for the home Soda Machine!

The fruit flavours contain a reasonable percentage of fruit juice, combined with quality ingredients, giving them the real fruity taste of a decent "pub Squash" (unlike the stuff you get out of the machines behind the bar)
These flavours were originally formulated for the hotel industry, so they still retain that traditional pub Raspberry, Sars, or Squash flavour!
Rather obviously, pictured here is just the Sarsaparilla, as a bit of a guide to the packaging.

Flavours include: LEMON, LIME (plain and green)


Some other flavours are available "at the door" including GINGER BEER, PORTELLO,  CREAM SODA,  and even a CHILLI PUNCH and CLOVES flavour.

Generic ingredient listing. (please refer to individual product labelling for specific details)
Water, Cane sugar, Reconstituted Fruit Juice (where applicable) Natural flavours, Food Acid (330); Preservatives (211) and (223 where applicable) Caramel and color (150b) and (102) where
10 litre cordial containerThis is the latest addition to our syrup range.
A 10 litre bulk syrup.

This pack has a wine cask type tap for ease of use.

This is ideal for campers, or holiday makers,caterers, or perhaps for use in industry where everyone gets tired of drinking just water!

Available in the listed flavours.

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